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Oct 9, 2015

In this episode, we are going to break down the full disclosure

What Every Entrepreneur MUST tell their spouse BEFORE start-up

Hi! Brett here. I decided to write today because - as the entrepreneur in the relationship I feel I have some confessions to make.  Maybe some apologies.

You see, every entrepreneur has a few confessions to make and the sooner they clear the air, the better the relationship will be.  Full disclosure is key to success in business and marriage.

  1. NO! I can not turn it off and I will always be coming up with another AMAZING opportunity.

  2. I LOVE business trips and masterminds.  Those people ROCK! It does not mean that I like them better than you - but they think like me.  

  3. You will probably wonder if I am having an affair or something because of all the late nights, meetings, phone calls and rendezvous' I will have. I promise I am not!

  4. We might be really broke for a while.  I hope not long. But just so you know.
  1. Please tell the kids that I love them, I am not dead, and that the zombie like creature that wonders in from the back office is their parent.  We will go to Disneyland one day and I will do all I can to keep at least some peanut butter in the cupboard, and bread.


I learned the hard way that unleashing the entrepreneurial mind and drive on an unsuspecting spouse can be earth shattering.  They aren't ready for it.  Many don't understand it.  

By having full and open discussions often, the two of you will be able to grow together and grow a business and a marriage worth millions.

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